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Beyerdynamic Tesla T1 Generation 2 Vitality Headphone Cable

  • CablePro Vitality Beyerdynamic Tesla T1 Generation 2 headphone upgrade cable with  Furutech FP-704 1/4" headphone plug to a pair of CablePro custom, extended shaft, 3-pole, 3.5mm plugs.
  • CablePro Vitality upgrade cable with Beyerdynamic Tesla T1 Generation 2 high performance headphones

Product Description

The VITALITY headphone upgrade cable for the Beyerdynamic Tesla T1 Generation 2 sounds like music, not musical reproduction. The VITALITY headphone upgrade cable simply gets out of the way and lets the magnificent sound of the Tesla T1 to shine through without impediment. The goal of any audio cable that claims to be high performance has to be transparency. Cables are the greatest source of distortion in your system. The cables you choose will determine whether your system sounds like the cables, or the audio equipment you spent big money on. VITALITY cables offer a rare level of insight into your music previously considered impossible at any price point. Now you can enjoy your music in all its glory without feeling monetary remorse.

VITALITY cables use the highest purity, cryogenically treated, OCC (Ohno Continuous Cast) Copper conductors. The OCC conductors are pulled from a single Copper crystal, so each strand is a single, incredibly pure Copper crystal from end to end. Eliminating those crystal junctions found in all other types of Copper simply provides a more direct connection with the music. Prepare yourself for a spectacular boost in transparency that will make your listening enlightening and fun. Equally important, VITALITY cables are designed to be very flexible, and offer a high level of durability.  

Terminated with a cryo-treated Furutech FP-704 Phosphor Bronze 1/4" headphone plug going to pair of custom, extended shaft, 3-pole, 3.5mm mini plugs. VITALITY upgrade cables leave no stone unturned in our quest to allow your Beyerdynamic Tesla T1 Generation 2 headphones to be more expressive, more engaging, and most importantly, more enjoyable for many years to come. Experience the joy, get your VITALITY headphone cable now!

1 Year Parts and Labor Warranty
$20.00/additional foot
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