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Language is one of the things that sets human beings apart from the rest of the animal kingdom. Words let us work together in very complex ways. Of course, for me, words are my stock and trade. Without them I couldn't tell you about the products we sell and why we believe they have real merit.

There was a time when audio was young and there weren't as many knowledgeable people out there. If you really knew the products you were selling and could make a clear case for their superiority you usually got the sale. Now, it seems everyone has become something of an expert in presenting their case. Most of the time with little regard for real value in the marketplace. To make matters even worse, these folks are absolutely sure they are right. These are the most dangerous kind of sales people. They don't appear to be lying, because they believe everything they are saying. Either way, erroneous information leads to faulty conclusions.

The only way to determine if an audio product is right for your gear is to get that little gem in your system and do some listening! Your ears will know what to do. If it doesn't sound better to you, it isn't, at least not in your system. You are are certainly capable of recognizing  that wonderful feeling of discovery and enlightenment when listening to a well loved piece of music or your favorite movie. I call it the "matter of fact" sound. You just know it's right. So use the best tool you have and don't rush into things. Seek balance...it works in life, it works in sound reproduction too.

Welcome to the new CablePro Website

Since last November we have been struggling with a dysfunctional website. The platform we were using was not able to see the interface for Fedex or the United States Postal Service and provide real-time shipping quotes. I decided to offer free shipping in the United States but that did nothing to alleviate the problem for [...]

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