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Headphone Extension Cables

CablePro high performance headphone extension cables are all about freedom. Freedom to choose the perfect length, the right connectors, and the quality level that fits your needs. Best of all, you're free to locate the ideal listening position anywhere you want.

  • CablePro FREEDOM Headphone Extension Cable with Amphenol Jumbo 1/4" plug to a Connectronics 1/4" jack
    The FREEDOM headphone extension cable is made with high purity (99.9997%) UP-OCC (Ultra-Pure Ohno Continuous Cast) Copper conductors. Thanks to Freedom's low noise floor, thoughtful design, and high performance termination,...

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  • CablePro REALITY Headphone Extension Cable with Neutrik 1/4" (6.3mm) headphone plug to a CablePro 1/4" (6.3mm) headphone jack
    CablePro REALITY Headphone Extension cables are quiet, resolute, and have excellent dynamic capabilities. It should come as no surprise that great sound quality, well thought out design, and a superior build go hand in hand...

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  • CablePro VITALITY top-line headphone extension cable with a Furutech FP-704 1/4" plug to a Neutrik 1/4" locking plug
    Tired of running out of cable every time you want to get comfortable with your headphones and listen to some music? The VITALITY headphone extension cable gives you the added length you need without compromising performance...

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