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HifiMAN HE-6, HE-560, and HE-500 FREEDOM Headphone Cable

  • CablePro FREEDOM HifiMAN Upgrade Cable with Amphenol Jumbo 1/4" plug to a pair of custom HifiMAN Beryllium Copper headphone jacks

Product Description

This FREEDOM upgrade cable is designed for the HifiMAN HE-6, HE-560, and HE-500 headphones.

The REALITY headphone upgrade cable is made with high purity (99.99997%) UP-OCC (Ultra-Pure Ohno Continuous Cast) Copper conductors. Thanks to Freedom's low noise floor, thoughtful design, and high performance termination, you can extend the performance of your HifiMAN HE-6, HE-560, Or HE-500 headphones simply by replacing the original cable.

UP-OCC Copper is known for its low noise floor and nimble dynamics. Each conductor is made up of strands that have been pulled from a single copper crystal. This lack of crystal boundaries has many electrical and sonic benefits and allows for a highly musical presentation.

Freedom uses a pair of UP-OCC coaxial conductors. Each leg of the cable is shielded all the way up to the headphones to keep noise out. The dielectric is a super low-loss, nitrogen injected, foamed polypropylene that damps out noise, but passes audio signals without compromise.

Due to its large diameter (8mm) and slightly limited flexibility FREEDOM is recommend for integration with desktop and home audio systems. If you want something for portable use please take a look at our REALITY and VITALITY headphone upgrade cables.

1 Year Parts and Labor Warranty
+$10.00/additional foot
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Product Reviews

  1. Buy it!

    Posted by Larry D. on Jul 30th 2016

    I am usually somewhat skeptical about cable claims but Ted, your description about the stock HE-500 silver cable exactly mimicked my experience with it. That was the impetus I needed, so I decided to take a chance on your CablePro Freedom UP-OCC Upgrade Cable. Wow! What a phenomenal improvement. Exactly as you wrote - the HE-500 was transformed without any other changes in the system.

    Gone was the former harshness. It was so much better I actually laughed. Instruments sounded much more realistic and it is so easy to hear very subtle nuances in my favorite recordings. I was pleasantly surprised to say the least. IMHO this cable upgrade is a no-brainer for anyone looking to improve the HifiMAN HE-500.

    I want to give kudos to Ted at The CablePro. He was a breath of fresh air to work with. Promptly answered all of my questions, and assembled a high quality product for me. I ordered it on a Saturday and it shipped on Monday. Can't beat that. I've had the pleasure of re-discovering and enjoying my library of music all over again.

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