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  • CablePro INTEGRITY Power Strip

Product Description

The first thing on your short list of "must haves", when setting up any kind of audio or video system should be a high quality power strip like the INTEGRITY. You want all of your components to get clean, quiet AC power.

The INTEGRITY eight outlet power strip has 4 Hospital-Grade duplex outlets mounted to a custom aluminum-alloy chassis. The outlets are parallel wired, meaning each outlet has its own hot and neutral connection hard-wired into the IEC inlet. For the lowest possible noise the Integrity is star-grounded.

When you plug into the INTEGRITY power strip you will be amazed at the additional refinement, bass control, and dimensionality your system now produces. Not to mention the clearly effortless way it delivers those sonic gems.

Almost every manufacturer who makes outlet strips uses metal oxide varistors for their surge suppression mechanism. Unfortunately they have a distinct sound that has nothing to do with music. Our technique for surge suppression is inaudible, but entirely effective. Now you can have the comfort of added protection without compromising performance.

Make the INTEGRITY even quieter by upgrading it with the noise reduction package. The noise reduction treatment is a proprietary material that we install in the base of the strip to deflect, reject, and absorb RFI and EMI noise.

If you love great music and great value the INTEGRITY power strip may be the perfect addition to your system.

14 gauge unshielded power cord
5 Year Parts and Labor Warranty

Dimensions: 2 3/8"H x 2 3/4"D x 16 3/4"L
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Product Reviews

  1. Amazing!

    Posted by Sai S. on Jul 30th 2016

    Ted, holy crap. What are you, some kind of sorcerer? I really don't understand how a "power strip" could make this much of a difference in my relatively modest system.

    I was expecting modest gains in resolution and noise, but what I'm finding is that (a) everything is sounding like I upgraded my amp and turntable/cartridge at a cost of several hundreds of dollars, particularly in terms of tighter bass, quieter backgrounds, and an overall more cohesive sound, and (b) There was a fatiguing quality to the system that I wasn't totally aware of until this upgrade took it away.

    Yesterday was the first time in a while that I found myself wanting to play LP side after side with the volume CRANKED.

    BTW, this is the second time one of your products has had this effect on me. I was a total cable skeptic (like, radio shack interconnects & 16g speaker wire) until I tried your Sennheiser headphone upgrade cable, which prompted me to upgrade all of my cabling.

  2. Integrity Power Strip

    Posted by Jason B on Feb 12th 2016

    The Integrity power strip is a very nice piece of equipment! It is high quality and looks like it will last a lifetime. I got the noise reduction package upgrade and the surge suppression upgrade. My music sounds great and I am very satisfied with this purchase.

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