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Interconnect Cables

Nothing affects the performance of your audio system more than your choice of cabling! When you buy a CablePro cable you are getting less for your money. Less, noise, less distortion, and less alteration of the original information.That's right, you should buy CablePro custom cables because they offer a level of transparency at a price that is clearly excellent as well. 

  • CablePro VITALITY Ohno Continuous Cast Copper Specialty RCA cables with a Supra MP-8 Gold-plated Copper 3.5mm mini plug to a pair of Puresonic Balance Gold-plated Tellurium Copper RCA plugs
    CablePro VITALITY Ohno Continuous Cast Copper Specialty RCA Cables are quieter, more detailed, and better built than any other cable of its kind. It should come as no surprise that great sound quality, well thought out...

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  • CablePro REALITY Specialty RCA cable with high performance Amphenol 3.5mm plug to a pair of Neutrik RCA plugs
    CablePro Reality Long Grain, Oxygen Free Copper Specialty RCA Cables are quiet, resolute, and have excellent dynamic capabilities. REALITY cables are a well conceived design executed with precision utilizing the the...

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