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Power Strips

High performance power delivery is the bedrock your system will be built on. Make it solid with a CablePro power strip.

  • CablePro Halcyon Power Conditioner
    Although the Halcyon power conditioner provides extended protection from surges and aggressive noise reduction it retains the essential drive and musicality that make our power strips so popular. Most power conditioners...

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  • CablePro REVELATION 8-outlet power strip
    The CablePro Revelation power strip takes AC power delivery to another level. No filters, no circuit breakers, no fuse, nothing compromises the AC signal. Plug into a Revelation power strip to enhance the performance of any...

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  • CablePro NANA Power Strip with IEC inlet for removable power cord
    Designed specifically for Naim, Rega, and Linn components, the NANA power strip uses eight high conductivity, 20 amp, Industrial Spec-Grade outlets. It is hard-wired in a cascade parallel configuration with Teflon...

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  • CablePro INTEGRITY Power Strip
    The first thing on your short list of "must haves", when setting up any kind of audio or video system should be a high quality power strip like the INTEGRITY. You want all of your components to get clean, quiet AC power. ...

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