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Sennheiser HD-800 & HD-800S VITALITY Headphone Cable

  • CablePro VITALITY Sennheiser HD800 upgrade cable with Furutech FP-704 1/4" plug to a pair of custom Sennheiser HD800 plugs

Product Description

This VITALITY Upgrade Cable for the Sennheiser HD-800 & HD-800S headphones is designed to sound like music, not musical reproduction. VITALITY is quiet, clean, dynamically adept, and it enhances your listening experience by clearly exposing the pace, rhythm, and timing of the music. Go beyond analytical listening and enjoy a musical breath of fresh air! With a VITALITY Upgrade Cable your top-of-the-line Sennheisers become truly state-of-the-art.

Don't mistake the reasonable price, flexible build, and pristine sound of the VITALITY upgrade cable as nothing but marketing hype. The VITALITY upgrade cable allows the HD-800 & HD-800S to reach their full potential, and they are magnificent. This is a match made in heaven, the most revealing and musical headphones in the world combined with an equally responsive cable. Your Sennheiser HD-800 & HD-800S headphones will now perform at a level you didn't think possible!

All VITALITY cables uses the highest purity, cryogenically treated, OCC (Ohno Continuous Cast) Copper conductors. The OCC conductors are pulled from a single Copper crystal, so each strand is a single, incredibly pure Copper crystal from end to end. Eliminating those crystal junctions found in all other types of Copper simply provides a more direct connection with the music. Terminated with the world-class Furutech FP-704 1/4" (6.35mm) phone plug going to a pair of custom Sennheiser HD-800 & HD800S headphone plugs, the VITALITY upgrade cable balances every aspect of the musical picture. 

The VITALITY upgrade cable is the ultimate companion for your Sennheiser HD-800 and HD-800S headphones. Buy one and find out what you've been missing!

1 Year Parts and Labor Warranty
+$20.00/additional foot
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Product Reviews

  1. Brighter and clearer music - a winner!

    Posted by Robert A. Vande Stouwe on Jun 1st 2015

    I received the new Vitality upgrade cable for my Sennheiser HD800’s and have spent time with it. I did an A/B test with the original Sennheiser cable and it wasn’t even close - the Vitality cable just sounded so much clearer and brought out the detail in the music. There’s a series of commercials for Claritin, an allergy medication, called “Claritin clear”. They show that after taking the medication the picture brightens and becomes very clear. The new cable makes my music Claritin clear!

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