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Here's what some of our customers are saying:


Hi Ted,

I wanted to report back to you on the new CablePro Noisetrapper NANA power strip, which I added to my Naim system (LP 12, CDS III, NAC 252, Supercap, 250 amp) a few weeks ago. At the time when I plugged the NANA in, it was quickly apparent that there was a lowering of the noise floor, a slightly richer and more full bodied sound, and greater ease on dynamics than with the Wiremold power strip I had used for many years. As you suggested when we spoke, there were some incremental gains that did not emerge as quickly, and now it feels to me like the whole system is more free breathing. It feels to me that the Naim equipment is only enhanced in the areas I already loved it for: dynamics, coherence, musicality, and the ability to really swing rhythmically, and I don't hear any negative impact whatsoever, which I have heard with some power products in my system.

– Bruce
Chappaqua, NY


Hello Ted,

As you may remember I bought a set of your Insight double biwire speaker cables awhile back. I've had a lot of listening time with the cables you made for me and here are my impressions. Overall my stereo sounds better than it ever has. One particular area of improvement is the definition between instruments and voices. I can hear the space between them as never before. A second big change is the way the passive woofer has finally woken up, giving me the bass I have been looking for since I bought these speakers. Finally, although the Alons are "smooth" to use your term, they are ballsier now than they have ever been before, with sharper attacks and more prominent dynamics. I'm very pleased with the sound and I also like the build quality. Thanks very much.

– Dan Stone
United Kingdom


Hello Ted,

I just got my Panorama right angle mini to a right angle mini in a three foot length last night. I tried it for about an hour and the overall performance from my audio system has increased 30%. Someone told me that if I upgraded my amp too, the performance of the cable should not be limited to a 30% increase. The sound is amazing and my ER4s can make full use of the high quality input from your Panorama cable. Anyway, thanks a lot for your help.

– Robinson
Hong Kong



I have been meaning to thank you, the cables I ordered arrived at 11AM a couple of Saturdays ago, just like you said they would. I appreciate the suggestion you made for overnight shipping, it ended up costing half of what I expected.

More importantly, the cables are outstanding. Both the Foresight v.2 S-Video cable and the Reality RF cable delivered a significant improvement over my Monster M1000 series....absolutely no contest. Black level, depth, in fact, I can't find one aspect of performance where the difference is not mind-blowing, and the Monster M1000 series cables are not exactly garbage. Many thanks again, and Happy Easter.

– Steve Jack
Prospect Heights, IL



The Foresight arrived on Friday. How long do you estimate the cable takes to break in?

Here is my review so far:

I've had a series of Directv players attached to a Sony XBR via an S- video cable during the past 10 years. At some point I purchased a $100 S-video cable from a home theater boutique store, which was in use until last week.

Friday I installed the Foresight v.2 S-video interconnect cable from CablePro in place of the S-video cable bought at the boutique, and waited to see what differences the Foresight might make to my experience with Directv programs. Just before the change I read a report of a study of human vision that claimed that color vision in people had apparently developed to improve perception of color changes in the human face, so I thought faces would be the sure test of differences, good or bad, in the Foresight.

After initial burn-in, I looked at some familiar movies on Directv, including some timeshifted with Tivo, and was startled not only with more natural human skin tones, but also apparently more expressive faces and consequently more emotional impact in the selected dramas. With more burn-in, richer colors emerged as well as more perceived field depth and detail, even in gray gradations in dark and shadowed scenes.

In short, the Foresight has proven to be a major upgrade to my experience with programming from Directv, and for less money than the boutique S-video cable. A very good friend, after briefly viewing the XBR with the current Foresight in use, commented he thought he could see the XBR's video more clearly, and would definitely want a longer look after full burn-in, including if possible, a substitution of the Foresight for his current S-video cable in his system.

– Robert Foster
Austin, Texas


Hi Ted,

It has been some time since I received the Reverie v.2 power cable. I am therefore rather late in telling you about my impressions. The reason for this is that it took some time for me to truly assess its performance. My first reaction was: well it sounds OK, smooth but a bit soft and with a lack of dymanics. This impression lasted for quite a long time, and I was really on the verge of returning the cable to you and saying sorry: this was not for me! Although you told me to be patient , I couldn`t think that a power cable needed that much time to break in (burn in). Well, anyhow I gave the cable a few more days and suddenly things started to change. Now I can truly tell you that the power cable - as all your cables - is a little miracle! Today I put the stock cable for the preamp back and what a letdown that was! It sounded more like a cheap "hi-fi"-set. So I hurried and put the Reverie cable back. The effect was crystal clear: a bigger and fuller and more dynamic sound, better resolution, a more organic and natural feel to the music. So yes, Ted, I am going to keep it, I can no longer listen to music without it! So the question is: how can a single power cable make that much difference???! I am thinking also of getting a Reverie cable for my Bryston 14B power amp. The problem is that I have earlier tried another specialty power cord on the power amp with negative results. And acccording to the manufacturer (James Tanner at Bryston) that is at it should be because of the way the amp is constructed - but I am really not sure. Anyhow, I can`t try the cable I got from you on the power amp because the IEC-plug is of the big (16 ampere?) type. Do you by the way have any experience with Bryston amps in that respect? I am going to investigate a bit further into the question of power cables for the Bryston power amps before I order another one from you ( I suppose you can construct one with the correct type of IEC-plug for the 14B?). So, thanks again for making me happy with your cables!

– Trond Feiring
Lillehammer, Norway



I am just a home stereo enthusiast, but the attention you gave my order to ensure what I wanted and needed is what I got was impressive and appreciated. It has been a pleasure doing business with you, and you can be sure that I will always check with the Cable Pro when I need additional equipment and parts.

– Greg Bicket
Pinehurst, NC


Dear Ted,

I received my triple triwire set of Reflection speaker cable and it sounded great right out of the box, but I've given it some more time to condition and I have just had a listening session. My reaction is wow! The soundstage is still huge, and the deep bass lines are even better defined. But the most conspicuous change is, the smoothness of the sound. I have a "difficult" CD with Patty Loveless called "Mountain Soul", it is pure country with close harmonies, fiddles, steel guitar, and banjo. It's difficult because it sounded a bit harsh and muddied before, now there is much better separation between the voices (which is absolutely necessary to enjoy the close harmony singing) and the harshness is gone. The second thing, is the much improved rhythm and speed which draws you into the music in a way I hadn't experienced with my system before.

I just wanted to sit and enjoy the music and play every record in my collection - but that would take some time! So I am a happy man! In fact I am so pleased with my speaker cables I am going to order one of your Tracer v.2 digital coax cables and 2 pairs of your Reflection balanced interconnect cable. So it is a pity then that I am going away for a couple of days , returning on Wednesday evening. You won`t hear any new reports then from me until the end of the week. Having been away for some days, it wasn`t until Friday night that I was able to start putting the Reflection speaker cables through some loud music (my wife went away for the weekend). And this evening (Sunday) I sat down to do some critical listening. It was an almost unbelievable experience! The improvement was huge on every count: soundstage, dynamics, smoothness, bass, resolution -but most of all on sheer musicality. I had a kind of feeling that I finally had reached a stage where nothing more could be gained - this was audio nirvana! The big Spendors have gotten a new life, with speed and slam in the bass which I could have sworn they would never attain. But the main thing is the completely effortless way my system now renders a Mahler symphony (still the Rattle version of the fifth - which I mentioned earlier). I guess what has happened is that the cables enable my Brystons to do that which they excel in doing, having total mastery of the speakers. So what more can I say, Ted, your cables have made me a very happy man. Had I experienced this a week earlier I would never have thought of buying your digital cable, thinking that better than this is almost not possible - but I also know from experience that there is always room for improvement. And remembering your promises about the digital cable, I am looking forward to still more happy moments in front of my stereo! But please answer me this: why can it be that your cables are so much better than those I have had before? What is their secret? My earlier cables were also supposed to be good cables. Among other things, I had the Kimber Trifocals XL in my system for a couple of years (3 years ago)- which by many people are looked upon as some of the best speaker cables there is.

I received the Tracer v.2 digital cable yesterday and couldn't wait to get it hooked in between my CD transport and my DAC. I liistened through the whole of Mahler`s fifth (the version with Simon Rattle which I have mentioned before) today. There are lots of things going on in Mahler symphonies and this version is a live recording rather upfront and at times brash. I have had problems listening to this version all the way through in one sitting (I have other versions where I can do that without any problem) This time it was an amazing experience. There was something with the way the music was communicated which is difficult to describe: perhaps a kind of organic wholeness (a bit of a vague expression) and I was uplifted in a way that it is a long time since I have been. The music was wonderful, the orchestra was fabulous. It was music, music, music - pure music! I again listened to the somewhat difficult remastering of Van Morrison`s "The Common One". The somewhat croaking voice of van Morrison was still croaking but in a very listenable way -and the way the bass was rendered was just fantastic. Whether all this further improvement is only due to the Tracer or to a combination of the Tracer and the further breaking in of the speaker cables, I really don`t know. The main thing for me is that the way my music system now is rendering music has taken a quantum leap thanks to your cables! So I don`t really expect the Reflection interconnects to make much of a difference now. The ones I have are very good and are in fact more expensive than the Reflection cables (I paid 350 English pounds for each pair two years ago). But I thought that to have the same brand of cables throughout could be a good thing -and given the quality of the ones you have sent me, at least I don`t expect to be let down by the interconnects, although- as I have said - I don`t expect the same improvement as I have experienced till now - that I think is very unlikely.. So yes - the Tracer is doing very well, indeed!

I got the Reflection balanced interconnects about a week ago and the final verdict is now crystal clear: I am going to keep them! At first I thought they were a little bit bright but that turned out to be nonsense, they needed to be played a bit more. The sound now is smoother than I have ever experienced before. But they are also more revealing, there is more resolution - and on some records that can expose faults in the recording. However, the music flows more easily, there is more of a "natural" feel to the music; the dynamics are better, and the transients are faster. As I have told you earlier, I could already notice these improvements first with the speaker cables, then still more with the digital cable and now yet still more with the Reflection interconnects. I feel that the cables are "less in the way" for the reproduction of the signals from the CD-player through the amps and to the speakers. A funny thing that perhaps might indicate this: when I changed back to my old interconnects the volume level from the system was subjectively (and perhaps objectively) lower - so my thoughts were that the signals had to make a harder struggle to get through the old cables! Is there a more scientific explanation for this difference in volume level in the way you construct your cables? So altogether: I have experienced a quantum leap in my enjoyment of music from my system. And enjoyment of music is the name of the game, isnt`it? I am glad that I took a chance on you, Ted! Perhaps - in a year or so - when my finances allow it - I will come back to you to make the upgrade to the Reverie cables. There is no reason to look for cables anywhere else now.

– Trond Feiring
Lillehammer, Norway


Dear Ted,

I ordered a Panorama stereo mini to mini (1 foot), a Panorama stereo mini to RCA male (3 feet), and 3 cardas 6-inch-stereo mini to mini cables at the beginning of November. Last Saturday, I got the products via the post office nearby. I began to use Panorama cable, and now it is the period of " burn-in", but, the quality of the sound is superb!

Before using Panorama, I was using Earcandy stereo mini to mini (1 foot) to connect Headroom Micro headamp and iRiver H10. I was surprised by the quality of the cables' construction and the reproduction, this is why I decided to step up to the Panorama cables. By the way, I bought the Earcandy from one of your dealers.

As much as I like Earcandy, the Panorama cables provide an even more spacious soundstage with my Etymotic ER-4S's, and the smoothness of the strings is beyond description.

Thank you very much for making and selling those cables. When I need audio cables, I will visit your homepage again and will order them from you.

I just wanted to say thank you.

– Tetsuya Baden, M.D.
Tokyo, Japan


Hello Ted,

Compliments on your Noisetrapper NANA power strip. It really works!! I just installed your Noisetrapper to supply electric power to my Naim audio system and I am very impressed. My already superb music system has become even more realistic! Vocals are clearer and the singer's words more coherent. The overall presentation is more vivid and yet subtle. Thank you for working with NANA to produce a more effective power strip that will provide my family with music that more closely approximates the concert or recording session experience.

With appreciation,

– M.J. NImmons
Bellevue, WA


Hello Ted,

I wanted to tell you by far the Noisetrapper Revelation with your Stealth power cord gave me a totally different perspective on music in general. It has made my system reproduce the music as naturally as if I was there in real life. I have to give it to you Ted you are a very talented person by far, and I will continue doing business with you for the years to come!!! Thank you for all your help and advice. Keep coming up with brilliant ideas for audiophiles everywhere.

– Nick Wright
Mesquite, TX


Thanks Ted,

I've done what you said and run the Earcandy extension for about 3 days straight on repeat. I listened to my headphones with the new extension late last night for several hours. I am immensely pleased with it. Even new straight out of the package, it beat the Grado extension easily. I plan on buying a few more cables from you guys in the near future. Thanks for your help.

– Tim Cowart
Hoover, AL



I just purchased two pair of Reverie interconnect cable, a pair of biwire Reverie speaker cables and a custom Noisetrapper Revelation with a captive Reverie power cord. HOLY S&%# !!! The detail or resolution I thought I had lost (by what I assumed was stepping down to the Audio Research) is restored. Now I'm hearing air and space and glorious 12ax7 tubes without the feeling of sacrifice. Stan Getz' sax never sounded like this. I'm listening to a CD, and it blows away what the same LP was doing before your hand made miracles were in the loop. I know now, I'll never part with this preamp. Nobody, but I mean nobody, should give up on any high end component before they try it with your cables.

– William Dodge
Dallas, TX


Hi Ted,

I got my Noisetrapper NANA version from you today and right out of the box it was outstanding! Much better than the old Wiremold. I can appreciate the decreased noise floor already. Thanks for such a great product.

– Tony Thomas
Bakersfield, CA


Hello Ted,

It was a great pleasure to buy from your company and I am very satisfied about my headphone cable the Earcandy. I am very happy with the custom cable you made for my Sennheiser HD-500. Ted you are a real pro and you listen very well to your customers, my future buying from you is gonna be the loudspeaker cable Reflection v.2 for my new speakers. Hey folks don't waste your time for searching and buying from another place, with Ted you are in good hands.

– Mario Germain
Quebec City, Quebec Canada


Hi Ted,

We purchased the Noisetrapper NANA power strip from you and wanted to let you know that the change in our Naim system was instant. We got a much smoother, fuller bottom end and more definition in those lovely, hard-to-define areas that linger around 9kHz in the human ear. This was by far the greatest upgrade to a system we've gotten for the money - and we couldn't be more pleased.

My husband, Darren, did post on the Naim forum about our instant love of the unit, and the difference it has made in our system. Thanks again so much, and I wish you lots of success!

All the best,

– Dawn R. Birr
Product Manager
Neumann USA
TRUE Systems
K+H USA, Studio Monitors


Hello Ted,

I received the package with the Noisetrapper Revelation power strip yesterday - thanks for the fast service! Right away I noticed a quieter background and better dynamics at low listening levels, and just better overall resolution and detail. Thanks for a great product - I will spread the word!

– Michael Stevenson
Raleigh, North Carolina


Hi Ted,

I bought a Panorama right angle mini to a right angle mini specialty cable. Let me tell you my first impression.

"WOW", I didn't expect a cable can improve the sound that much. Everything is more clear, more air. I don't know how to describe it, just fantastic. Thanks for making such great cable for us.

– Kith Ng
Hong Kong, China


Hi Ted,

I tried the long Panorama mini to 2 RCA cables interface yesterday evening and I really liked it from the start. I listened to Norah Jones "Live in the House of Blues", and.... wow I felt like I was live on stage. Never heard such depth with my device before but never was presented the receipt for bad recordings so clear as well.

Over all I think my investment was a good one :-)) I will clearly recommend your company.

Best wishes, Stefan

– Stefan Feckl
Frankfurt, Germany


Hi Ted,

Sorry I haven't replied sooner....had a few days off and went away for the weekend.

I got back today and guess what was waiting for me..yep the Sr-71, your Panorama mini, as well as the Earcandy mini extension for my Etymotics.

I must say....NICE!! You sure know how to build cables..

I tried the Panorama for a while with the amp and Etymotics/Grados and then with the drum machine into my computer sound card, and damm if I wasn't blown away..and this without burn-in..

The mini Panorama seems to work perfectly with the drums and the sound is very sweet, nice and full and detailed as can be.

– Emilio Sanchez
Montreal, Canada


Hi Ted,

WOW, that's all I can say about the Noisetrapper Revelation! The change in performance from all components is certainly noticeable. The instruments are more separated and defined. The sound flows much smoother and is gentler on the ear. Higher volumes are achieved without harshness and glare. Bass response is better and richer in tone. Thanks for bringing more music out of my system.

– Robert Gwinn
Plano, Texas


Hi Ted,

My package arrived today. It is exactly what I was looking for. If I ever need more a/v cables I will come to you first.

– Scott Dew
Shreveport, Louisiana


Hello Ted,

After getting the Earcandy interconnect , it is hard to go back to cheapo interconnect. I was getting by with Cardas but there is no comparison. I'm really happy to have the cable back and the mod worked perfectly. Now that the shoulder is not as square, the plug seats perfectly in the faceplate. I want to spend a few days with it to be sure, but I feel certain that you and your Dremel tool have solved my problem..

– Skip Clemmons
Little Rock, Arkansas


Dear Ted,

Well the cables have arrived and you asked me to give you my evaluation. Firstly, the build quality is simply superb, as is the quality of the components. This is so self evident, its difficult to find any thing addtional to say!

Before I go on to describe their performance, I should give you a breif description of the rig they are used with:

  • 6 Gbyte iPod Mini.
  • Shellbrook Audio Maxi Moy Signature amp
  • Sennheiser HD600 or Etymotic ER-6 headphones, depending on the circumstances.

I used a wide sample of music, from various genres. All were from CD sources. Artists included The Moody Blues, John Coltrane, Steely Dan, Brian Eno, Miles Davis, Kraftwerk, Tangerine Dream, Pink Floyd, King Crimson, orchestral recordings by the Boston Philharmonic, London Symphony, London Philharmonic, Leningrad Philharmonic and Berlin Philharmonic orchestras. Scott Walker, Dionne Warwick, The Carpenters, Eric Clapton and ZZ Top also featured.

The previous interconnect used was the Headroom Mini To Mini interconnect.

The Cable Pro interconnects transformed the performance of my portable rig. The words that spring to mind are detail and accurate. Bass was warm, the treble clear without being harsh and mid-range well represented. What impressed me most was how "live" Coltrane studio recordings from the early 19'60's sounded, whilst last years "Everything Must Go" CD by Steely Dan sounded like a masterclass in modern production.

In short the portable rig now sounds like its had a $170 upgrade - and of course this is exactly what it has had!

The only downside is that your cables have finally convinced me that the Etymotic ER-6's are ready to be upgraded to Etymotic ER-4S's!

So Ted, thanks again for the excellent products and once I'm settled on exactly how the "big rig" will be upgraded later this year The Cable Pro will be providing the cables!

Good Luck for the future and thanks again for the excellent products.

– Mike Hipkins
West Midlands, Great Britain



I tried your Panorama right angle mini to right angle mini specialty cable and the PocketDock last evening with the 60G ipod and my headphone amp out to my Westone UM2 IEM heaphones and the sound was amazing. The cable seems to make the music much cleaner. I am very pleased with it and my whole setup. I am going to be getting my custom molded Sensaphonics 2X-S tomorrow, and hopefully by next week my new SuperMacro-3 amp. I think this will give me the ultimate in portable audiophile sound. Thanks for everything. Thank you for your time and consideration.

– Gaetano DiBiagio
Pentetanguishene, Canada



I have been meaning to thank you, the cables I ordered arrived at 11AM a couple of Saturdays ago, just like you said they would. I appreciate the suggestion you made for overnight shipping, it ended up costing half of what I expected.

More importantly, the cables are outstanding. Both the Foresight v.2 S-Video cable and the Reality RF cable delivered a significant improvement over my Monster M1000 series....absolutely no contest. Black level, depth, in fact, I can't find one aspect of performance where the difference is not mind-blowing, and the Monster M1000 series cables are not exactly garbage. Many thanks again, and Happy Easter.

– Steve Jack
Prospect Heights, IL



I received the Ultra Noisetrapper today. Thank you for the quick order delivery.

From what I can tell in the first thirty minutes of use, the Noisetrapper is already working great. It sounds like somebody cleaned the background noise, and everything sounds cleaner. The overall mids and highs seem to jump out more, and the instrument soundstage sounds more defined.

As you had mentioned it will take a little while for the Noisetrapper to break it in. About how long again? I cannot wait for the whole system to stabilize and hear the overall difference.

I am also looking forward to trying out the contact cleaner. As my degree is in Chemistry, I am definitely excited about applying some chemical reaction oriented improvements in this audiophile world of A/D conversions and electrical circuits.

Thanks again for the great recommendations and products. It has been a pleasure working with you."

– Michael de Guzman
Austin, Texas


I have just received the Panorama. I must say that even from cold, it is clearly a superior cable to the Earcandy. You are absolutely right, the bass response is so much more tuneful and correct, and very much in timing and phase coherence as the rest of the frequencies. What really struck me was the tonal accuracy and balance of the cable - I can understand why you would consider this a reference cable. It really is. Once again, it is very musical. And it does sound much more relax and less etched as compared to the Earcandy. Looking forward to burning it in!

You should receive the Earcandy soon. I sent it on Friday after the phone call with you (which I enjoyed greatly).

Thanks for your really great products. The Panorama is really quite astonishing!"

– Chris


After over ten years of purchasing your products I have always been extremely impressed by the sound upgrades in my audiophile system. One of the newer products you have which I recently purchased is beyond any other upgrade that I have ever done. This product is the Noisetrapper Ultra PowerStrip. In my honest opinion this is the single best product that you offer. And the really cool thing about it is that it is not nearly the most expensive. This thing improves all aspects of a systems performance because you plug everything in to it. Thank you so very much for always offering truly world class products and service."

– Charles H. (Customer For Life)


Just wanted to drop you a line with my impressions of the Cable Pro Silver Screen component video cables, the Reality RF coax cables, and the Crystal Clear contact enhancer that I purchased from you a couple of weeks ago. Before I get into the details, I just want to say that these product are awesome. They have taken my audio and video experience to a new level.

First the Cable Pro Silver Screen component video cables. As you know, I first auditioned these cable with the Eichmann opper Bullet Plugs. I compared them in my system with cables from Nordost and Homegrown Audio. Right away I could tell your cables were very good. After several days of watching your cables, I could not tell if they were better then my cables or just different. Given this initial impression, I was leaning toward staying with what I had. That impression was short lived. When I put my old cables back in, I immediately noticed that something was missing. I realized that the beauty of the Cable Pro Silver Screen component video cables was the realism of the picture they painted. The biggest differences were noticeably improved depth of field, making the picture look more 3 dimensional. Detail in dark scenes were revealed with more vivid, but natural color presentation. Based on my audition, I decided to go with your top of the line Silver Screen component video cable with the upgraded Eichmann Silver Bullet Plugs. The Silver Screen cable with upgraded Bullet Plugs basically share the same basic characteristics as the cable with the Copper Bullet Plugs while being a bit better in every area. The picture is a bit brighter (which I like), with a bit more detail. Again, the color rendition and depth are excellent. Bottom line is I am very happy with my new cables.

Your Reality RF coax cables replaced cables from Canare and Tributaries. They are running from my wall plate to my HDTV satellite receiver. It is difficult for me to evaluate these on there own merits because put them in my system at the same time as I did the Silver Screen. I can tell you that they have good synergy with the Silver Screens and will be staying in my system.

Now on to the remarkable Crystal Clear contact cleaner and enhancer. I have applied it to every connection in the video chain including the AC power connections. The result is....well....remarkable. This little tweak took everything to the next level. The picture is cleaner, free of grain, color reproduction and depth improved even more. It's really hard to believe the difference Crystal Clear makes. I highly recommend it. My advice to anyone reading this testimonial. If you do nothing else, do the Crystal Clear contact cleaner and enhancer. You will be amazed. I am."

– Tom Davis


I have just spent around two hours doing some serious A-B-A comparisons with your Earcandy and without. I have used a number of CDs - audiophile recordings and mainstream pop music to get some variety. Please allow me to give you my humble and frank perceptions of your cable.

Firstly, as mentioned previously, the Earcandy is surprisingly transparent and generally uncolored for a headphone extension cable. Most impressive! The three greatest strengths are its dynamics, speed and upper midrange transparency. This is contrary to my expectations of the ability of an extension cable. In emotive terms, it's a musically engaging cable. Many cables can sound 'audiophile', but not quite engaging like the Earcandy. Great job!

It does add a little warmth to the sound through the Etymotic ER-4S - this is not necessarily a bad thing though.

Of course, as an extension cable, there will always be some drawbacks as compared to not using one. So these comments are to be taken within the context of what I have already described as an impressive cable.

Firstly, although the sound is transparent in the mid-upper frequencies, the lower registers are not as clear as should be. I believe there is some lumpiness in the bass regions and a little bass rolloff. Would lowering the capacitance of the cable help in future designs?

Secondly, related to this, although the cable is generally fast, but because of the somewhat emphasis on the mid-upper frequencies as compared to the lower frequencies, there is a little lack of coherence and some time-smear, in my opinion. But this is not so major as to significantly detract from the overall enjoyment of the music.

Thirdly, in terms of perspectives, the presentation is slightly stark and etched - a little upfront. The depth perspective is consequently slightly flattened - little less layered in terms of differentiation of musical instruments in the recordings. I suspect it may be the capacitance of the cable. I recall Kimber's 4TC and 8TC cables - while musical, they do make the sound somewhat similarly hard as compared with the Earcandy.

I can probably infer, without hearing it yet, that your new Panorama has lowered capacitance, with the music sounding more relax and open, and have better lower frequency evenness and transparency to match the strengths of the original Earcandy. Thus, I am really interested in purchasing it.

In summary, I feel that you have made a great extension cable and have done a significant service to the audiophile, and especially the die-hard 'cans' community."

– Warmest regards,
Dr. Christopher Ngo, PhD


Several years ago, there were those who argued wires and connectors made no difference. Today, any discriminating system owner recognizes how much they can affect audio and video performance. The argument now is whether they do a poor, fair, good, or outstanding job. I continue to be amazed at Cable Pro products, they represent the best value of any manufacturer. As I have stepped-up in the Cable Pro product line, each upgrade has delivered more improvement than I expected for the money. My most recent experience came when I purchased a pair of Reverie interconnects. While they are not inexpensive, they reinforced my opinion of Cable Pro's value. I could mention drive, detail, smoothness, bandwidth, and so forth, however, the final test, for me is simply one of "musicality". Much of what I listen to is acoustic instrumentation, including a great deal of vocal material. I have heard no other interconnect that recreates the voice and defines it from all the other instruments with such a realistic presentation. For the serious listener there is no upgrade to a fine system at four times the price, or more, that could improve the sound as dramatically. "

– Sincerely, Jeff Ferguson


I have used many different Cable Pro products for over 10 years and I can only say this...AWESOME! There is nothing that approaches the performance of your cables for the money. This stuff just gets out the way and lets the source material through without adding any artifacts or equalization. I truly hear the music and the music is GOOOOOD. As for the video cables some actors would hate this stuff due to the fact that it reveals their not so perfect complexions. It is that good. I currently use Reflection interconnects, Insight speaker cable, and Vision composite video cable, as well as Crystal Clear contact cleaner and enhancer. Although Cable Pro does not make some of the products on their site their taste in other products is equally impressive. I've purchase and repurchased Optrix and CD Upgrade, this product really improves the sound of CD's, DVD's and other optical disc formats tremendously. "

– Sincerely, C. Hudson (Customer for Life)


Appreciate your attention given to a single customer. This is what I call customer service!"

Warmest Regards,

– Chris Ngo


The CablePro Earcandy Specialty Adaptor rocks! I bought the one foot length to connect my ipod with the auxiliary audio input option I had installed on my Mini Cooper. Immediately, the sound blossomed from the closed, thin music coming from a standard 6' 3.5MM stereo male/male cable. Feel free to use me as a reference. You guys need to market this as a high end iPod option or for BMW and other car manufacturers that have added auxiliary inputs as a means to connect mp3 players. In particular, the right angle connectors allow you to make connections in tight spaces, which is all-important in my Mini - Since the auxiliary input is mounted on the right side of the center console, I didn't want any intrusion into the front passenger's leg room that would come from a standard, straight 3.5MM input connector. Now it is not even noticeable unless you look for it. Thanks again!"

– Steve Carlin


I can't tell you how impressed I am with the quality of service you have provided me. I did receive the cables today (something I was definitely not expecting given the date I placed my order!) You (and your staff) went above and beyond to answer my questions, and you did so in a polite and timely manner! This is truly a rare occurence these days. My husband will be very pleased with the cable I bought for him (it's a surprise) and I will most definitely refer him back to you for his future audio/video needs (and he's really obsessed with audio/video!!) Again, thanks for your hard work and have a Happy Holiday and a prosperous New Year!"

– Amanda DaFoe


Just received the replacement cable. Sorry about the address problem. I’m delighted to have the perfect conduit from my iPod to the Airhead headphone amp to me. After sampling several other cables it was obvious that yours is the superior sound. And thanks for the great service.

You are welcome to use my comments-you deserve them. Many ask for my endorsement (I think my title has something to do with it) but I will not authorize unless it is deserved. Your product and service earned the praise. Your web site is excellent and several products piqued my attention. I’m certain to “need” several items in the future."

– Judge Laurence Wayne


Thanks for spending a considerable amount of time on the phone with me today. At a time when personal service is on the wane, it is refreshing to be treated the way things were on planet Earth a lifetime ago. I wish you all the best in your business and will purchase products from you whenever I am able to. Your insight into cable construction and analog electronics is also amazing. Thank you as well for the suggestions on suitable music."

– Archie Munro


When I purchased my Marantz DV-18 Reference DVD player, you urged me to get a pair of your new Integrity Silver Interconnects. I had been using your Reflection Balanced cables, which had proven to be a remarkable value. At first, the price of the Integrity Silver seemed like a considerable jump from what I had paid for the Reflections. However, you have never steered me wrong on any of your advice during the 15 plus years I have known you.

When I got home and auditioned the new equipment and cables, I did not know whether the DVD player or the interconnects were having the most effect on the signal. Nevertheless, I was pleased with what I heard.

It was not until later that I became awe struck by what these cables can do. When I recently relocated my entire system, I replaced my preamp to amplifier Reflections with the Integrity pair. My thinking was that the entire system could benefit from their capabilities. As soon as we started listening, both my wife and I were astonished at how much the sound improved. We heard things we never had before. The musicality, smoothness, and warmth were amazing. Imaging and spatial quality were matched with remarkable detail. And I did not know my Alon IIs could produce such bass.

In my enthusiasm, I told a friend, who enjoys find sound, that for the cost of the interconnects, I do not think I could have gone out and spent ten times their price on a new preamp and amplifier and improved the sound as much.

Congratulations on developing a remarkable product. My next step is to replace my speaker cables and be prepared for an equally significant system improvement."

– Jeff Ferguson


You were right, the speaker cable is terrific! (Damn you) (vbg) .... Rather than using it internally, I tried it between the amp and speakers, replacing my well used Vampire 10 gauge, using double runs as I am bi-wiring. Other than about a half octave additional extension in the low end, increased low end control, increased detail without edginess, more air in the top end, better overall focus, quieter - 'blacker' - background, better soundstage without a cutout like image, a more liquid midrange, more bloom around instruments......aside from the above, well, it's pretty good cable.

Really, the stuff is terrific, you were modest in your claims. And this is using relatively crappy connectors!

Thanks for all the advice. I look forward to working with you on other upgrades!"

– Todd


I was skeptical, but you were correct! Your Vitality speaker cable made a dramatic improvement in the sound quality of my system. This was apparent immediately a few seconds of listening to a familiar recording) and was not something that I had to strain, over time, to hear like so many other upgrades. My suggestion to other audiophiles is to give these cables an audition-right now-before you spend big dollars upgrading other components in your system!

I was using TARA Labs RCS Prime 1000 biwire. I have also used Kimber 8TC. Both of these cables are pretty well regarded. But everything improved after I installed your Vitality biwire. I'm amazed because, frankly, I only anticipated a small, incremental improvement at best. The incredible transparency of your cables is the first thing that was noticeable. There is much more of an overall sense of the recorded acoustic space-the listening room "disappears". Imaging tightened up dramatically. Furthermore, the cables bring out an incredible amount of detail; yet sound exceptionally smooth-a tough thing to accomplish. Bass was tightened up too, with added slam. Microdynamics are oustanding-much better than with the other cables I've tried, resulting in a very "live" character to the sound. Finally, the timbre and harmonics of my system has been improved very noticeably with these cables.

Congratulations on this outstanding product!"

– Christopher Bowland


The system is really fabulous. The people that come into my house simply can't believe it - and I can't believe it myself. Everytime I sit down to listen I am amazed how good it is and the things I can hear that I could not hear before. I am anxious to chat about "tweaking" it.

My wife is initiating a new jazzercize/aerobic dance center - I think she is going to call about getting advice on maximum sound in a large commercial setting with (needless to say) minimum investment.

Thanks for all your advice - be talking to you soon. "

– Dr. Peter Roland


I had to write concerning a Z-Man Corporation Audio Signal Enhancer and a Reflection audio interconnect cable I recently purchased. These were added to my existing system which includes:

  • Martin-Logan SL3 speakers
  • Ayre Acoustics V-3 power amp
  • N.E.W. P3 tube preamp
  • Marantz CD-63SE CD player
  • Audio Alchemy DTI reclocker
  • Theta DS Pro Prime II DAC

While I was reasonably satisfied with my system I knew I was still not hearing the full potential. There still seemed to be a "digital edge" to the sound that was annoying. First I placed the Z-Man after my Theta DAC with the existing cables. WOW, not only did the edginess disappear but my soundstage exploded. Violins now sounded like violins. A sultry sax came across like I was right in front of the performer. Female voices sounded so real, I felt I could touch them. This all without losing any resolution. In fact it increased. I next tried the Z-Man without the DAC, just the Marantz CD-63SE. It was not only close to the sound when used with my expensive DAC but the sound stage was even better. I will probably sell my DAC and buy more of your cables, but more about that later. There is a certain music reproduction quality some call "texture." I finally understand what this means after trying the Z-Man Audio Signal Enhancer.

I next placed the REFLECTION audio interconnect cables after the Z-Man and was knocked over with the further improvement. Both detail and smoothness increased beyond what I thought was possible with cable changes. Having tried cables from Esoteric Audio, AudioQuest, Kimber, Wire World, Straight Wire, XLO, and others I can't remember. These cables just seem to disappear and let the music come through.

Many thanks for your expert advice and for making my system a true performer. "

– Dr. Stephen R. Slaughter


It was good to visit again with you recently. I wanted to let you know how very impressed I was with your contact enhancing product, Crystal Clear. When you recommended it to me, I thought of a particular application I wanted to try. I had been experiencing a drop-out in one of my VCR's with one channel and suspected a poor contact connection on a plug-in board. I used the Crystal Clear according to your directions.

The results were astonishing. Not only did it eliminate the drop-out problem, but suddenly I realized what else I had been missing. I could hear so much more detail which improved the imaging and spatial quality. Also, the sound was much smoother and warmer.

Some people may question the price for the size of the bottle, but there is nothing at ten times the price which will do for their systems what this product will.

Thanks for mentioning it to me. I will not hestitate to tell my friends about it."

– Jeffrey L. Ferguson


Once again I find myself surprised by The Cable Pro. I purchased a five foot length of INSIGHT speaker cable for my car stereo subwoofer and was struck by the additional clarity that resulted. As when I tried it with my home system, the cable seemed to lift an invisible veil from the sound. With such an improvement made just by wiring the subwoofer, it's hard to imagine what will happen when I've finished the entire system with your cable.

Thanks again for a most excellent product,"

– Garrett Long


I met you in 1988 with the purchase of my first REAL amp. Since then I have continued to build my system with your advice and products. I have now purchased four amps, a preamp, center channel speaker, surround sound speakers (I love my BiRads), and all of my interconnect cables (including yards and yards of INSIGHT speaker cable). Your taste musically is very much like mine. This has allowed our professional and personal relationship to grow. The results being an incredible home theater and musical experience. I HIGHLY recommend anyone to heed your advice. When they do, they couldn't be happier with the resultant sound they receive. Ted, thank you so much for your service over the past eight years. I am in your debt, and you will always receive my business. In fact, I feel a subwoofer coming on. Signet anyone? "

– William Rainville


I have to thank you for your help in selecting a new speaker system. The Signet SL280exB's have just about everything I want. Low end that's robust and extremely detailed, mids that are full but never boxy and highs that are crisp and revealing. These speakers are very musical and perform nicely for home theater as well as music. The LCR center channel projects a very natural sound and melds effortlessly with the main speakers.

In addition, I must mention that your INSIGHT cable was a worthwhile investment. Even as I left the store I was skeptical that a premium cable would make a noticeable difference. However, I was astonished that something as simple as cable could reveal such depth and clarity. I would recommend them as an effective yet inexpensive upgrade to any system.

Again, I appreciate your assistance in selecting some excellent products. Clearly, Signet offers a great product with a reasonable price tag. Furthermore, you made me a believer in the benefits of a well designed speaker cable."

– Garett Long


I would like to thank you very much for all the help, guidance, information, and education you have so graciously given me regarding the world of Audio/Video over the last couple of years. I've always considered myself fairly knowledgeable in electronics in general and in stereo gear specifically having started my adult life as an electronics technician. I bought one of the first stereo record players in the fifties and started building Knight and Heath kits (including a color TV) when they first hit the market. I have since gotten out of the technical world professionally but remain an avid hobbyist and lover of fine audio.

Over the years I developed several theories about audio equipment; some right and some wrong. For instance, I had always maintained that, because of the relatively low current flow, it didn't matter what kind of speaker wire you used and what guage it was. I put down those who wrote about, promoted and sold high quality, HIGH DOLLAR speaker wire as a bunch of snake oil peddlers. Ted, you finally opened my eyes to the virtues of good cable by offering to refund all my money if I would purchase some of your INSIGHT speaker cable, try it, and bring it back if I couldn't hear any difference. Well, needless to say, I did NOT ask for my money back. In fact, the next week, I was back in your shop buying more cable to wire the rest of my speakers. We also went through much the same scenario with all my audio and video interconnect cables.

I have since purchased several of the fine A/V components you carry and have been delighted with the results.

Again, I thank you for all your patience and time you have freely extended to me. It is refreshing to go into a store and find someone that not only knows something about what they are selling but is an expert in the field. To quote a famous action film star, I assure you that 'I'll be back.'"

– Gary D. Hunt


I wish to express my unrestrained enthusiasm for the home theater sound system I purchased from you. The sound is unbelievable, and, in my opinion better than a theater itself. I was impressed with the brands of equipment you carry, from the equipment racks upward. All of them are top-notch.

I also wish to express my appreciation for your professionalism, knowledge and advice in making my selection for home theater equipment."

– Huey Precise

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