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VITALITY 3.5mm Plug to a 1/4" Jack Headphone Adaptor

  • CablePro Vitality Headphone Adaptor with Supra MP-8 Gold-plated Copper 3.5mm plug to a Neutrik top-line locking headphone jack

Product Description

First of all, I don't recommend headphone adaptors, they simply don't sound as good as a direct connection. But if you must have one the VITALITY headphone adaptor offers a level of tranparency that is unique in the category. VITALITY is quiet, clean, and dynamically adept. There are few things quite as annoying as bringing your headphones with you and finding out you can't plug in. If you have a high performance pair of headphones terminated with a 1/4" plug and you want to use them with a portable amp or your Smartphone, this is the cable you need.

Don't mistake the reasonable price, flexible build, and pristine sound quality of the VITALITY headphone adaptor cables as nothing but marketing hype. The VITALITY headphone adaptors have no competitors sonically, if you have to compromise performance with an adaptor, compromise as little as possible.

All VITALITY cables use the highest purity, cryogenically treated, OCC (Ohno Continuous Cast) Copper conductors. The OCC conductors are pulled from a single Copper crystal, so each strand is a single, incredibly pure, Copper crystal from end to end. Eliminating those crystal junctions found in all other types of Copper simply provides a more direct connection with the music.

Terminated with the world-class Supra MP-8 Gold-plated Copper 3.5mm plug to Neutrik's top-of-the-line 1/4" locking headphone jack, the VITALITY headphone adaptor leaves nothing to desire. It is well built, flexible, and is unparalleled musically.

Strip away distracting inaccuracies, get right to the truth and beauty of music, get a VITALITY headphone adaptor for your headphones.

Only available in one foot lengths.

1 Year Parts and Labor Warranty
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