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XLR Audio Cables

Simple, durable, and musically adept, CablePro XLR cables are the perfect mix of design, materials, and unmatched build quality. Best of all, they let the music through.

  • CablePro VITALITY XLR cable with CablePro Silver-plated Tellurium Copper XLR connectors
    VITALITY XLR cables are quiet, clean, dynamically adept. They also get the get critically important pace, rhythm, and timing right. VITALITY takes a big step beyond analytical listening with a musical delivery so lively and...

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  • CablePro REALITY XLR audio cable with top-line Neutrik MXX connectors.
    CablePro REALITY Long Grain Oxygen Free Copper XLR Cables are quiet, resolute, and have excellent dynamic capabilities. It should come as no surprise that great sound quality, well thought out design, and a superior...

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